You are such a huge fan of DoYouBuzz that you have multiple accounts? That's very nice of you but might get a little tricky sometimes. We suggest you delete all unused accounts and keep only one.

  1. Find out which is "The One" you wan't to keep
  • if you are a Premium user on one of your account, it might be a good idea to keep this one (we can't transfer a Premium account to another account)
  • if you are not a Premium users, we would suggest that you keep the better indexed CV which you will find by typing you first and last names on Google and see which one has the best position in the search results.

   2. Delete unused accounts one by one

How to find out which email is associated with which account?

If you have a hard time figuring which email goes with which account, I guess you'll find this article enlightening : Can't remember which email I used to create my account

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