By default, DoYouBuzz places a link to your web CV in the header of your PDF CV. This allows recruiters to access richer, more detailed content that will enable them to learn more about you (via a portfolio or a more comprehensive description of your professional experience for example). 

However, please avoid distributing a PDF CV containing this link if your web CV has not been activated! If you do so, the recruiter may end up at an error page. 

There are two ways you can avoid this problem. 

The first option is to activate your web CV (click here to access this option). The recruiter will then be able to access your web CV from your PDF CV. 

The second option is to remove the link from your PDF CV (clic on "Download", then "Choices of content to display"). The link will then no longer be displayed in your PDF CV, thus avoiding the risk of the recruiter being directed to an error page.

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