This article explains how to complete the skills level available on DoYouBuzz. We use a 5-star notation, with a half-star accuracy.

Skills level are optional

Skills levels are completely optional. You won't be penalized if you have don't have any skill level on your CV. It is just a way to display information on your profile and to guide people who will read your CV.


Our notation system is a simplified version of the  European Qualifications Framework, which is a 8-levels notation system.

1 star - Beginner

Equivalent to 1st & 2nd EQF level.

2 stars - Intermediate

Equivalent to 3rd & 4th EQF level.

3 stars - Good

Equivalent to 5th EQF level.

4 stars - Advanced

Equivalent to 6th & 7h EQF level.

5 stars - Expert

Equivalent to 8th EQF level.

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