In order to add an image, you can upload it from your computer or from a website. If you choose to go with a website image, you have multiple options :


You can type in the image's direct URL

Ex. : -- the image will be copied onto DoYouBuzz before being displayed on your CV. 


You use a supported image webservice

We automaticaly import images and their description to be displayed on your CV.


In order to add a video, you just need to copy/paste the webpage's URL that displays the video. The services supported by DoYouBuzz are YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.


In order to add an audio file, you can :

  • Upload your own MP3 file from your computer (max size : 10 Mo).
  • Load the embed player from one of the following supported services : Grooveshark, BandCamp, Soundcloud

Obviously, we must tell you that you should only embed a player from one of those services for a creation of your own :).

Word or PDF

You can upload a Word or PDF document from your computer. By default, this document will be downloadable by your visitors. You can nevertheless create a verson displayed in the navigator by clicking the "Publish a Scribd document and accept the Scribd Terms" button.

Online slides

Many slideshow services are supported by DoYouBuzz. You just need to copy/paste the URL of the page where we can find the slideshow or portfolio.

The supported services are :

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