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Most recruiters get to DoYouBuzz through Google, therefore if you reduce your visibility, you also reduce the chance to be contacted by one.

If you don't want to be indexed that's your choice, but you might also consider hidding only what really matters to your privacy, such as your contacts details which can be done by using the contact form.

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Where can you get access to those parameters ?

In order to change your visibility settings, go to ; Settings > Resume visibility. This gives you control to all the visibility settings. Here are the different options.

Publish my resume on the web

If you set this up on "OFF", anybody trying to access your CV will see an error message.

After some time, if your CV was indexed, Google will unindex it.

Unindex your CV from Google faster

If you can't wait, you need to send a removal request to Google.

Get a password protected CV

This option gives you the opportunity to restrict the access to your CV to people who know the password that you set up.

Please note that a password protected CV won't be indexed

Those CV won't be indexed by search engines and won't be displayed on DoYouBuzz's public pages (such as "New DoYouBuzzers").

Index your CV on search engines

If you set this on "ON", DoYouBuzz will let Google and other search engines index your CV. Once your are indexed, it might take a while to get unindexed.

If you set this on "OFF", DoYouBuzz will tell search engines not to index your CV (but visitors who know the URL will still have access). Please note that once your CV is indexed it will take some time before Google unindex it. If you can't wait, you need to send a removal request to Google.

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