You want to subscribe to or have already subscribed to a Premium Design account ? Here we explain how you can use it 😊

To subscribe to Premium Design, go to the page dedicated to our offers

The Premium Design offer is designed for persons in search of employment who want to manage their CV and customise their application.

Duration of the Premium Design offer 

Our offers have evolved since January 2017. DoYouBuzz now accompanies you throughout the duration of your search for employment.  

The premium offer you have subscribed to will expire at the end of 1 year. If you are still in search of a job at the end of this period, a simple email accompanied by proof of your situation will allow you to restart the programme for another year 😇

Delete all references to DoYouBuzz from your CV

References to DoYouBuzz

It is automatic and you don’t have to do anything. We remove all references to DoYouBuzz from your web, paper and mobile CVs.

The words "CV created on DoYouBuzz" will disappear from the bottom of the page and the bar "Create your CV on DoYouBuzz" will be deleted from your web CV.

The URL of your web CV on your PDF CV

If you want to remove the URL from your PDF CV, you can untick the “My CV web address” box by following the procedure shown here.

Change the font size of your PDF CV

To optimise the space occupied by the text on your PDF, you can modify the sizes of the margins and font. 

To do this, go to the editor of your CV and click the Download button (or from this link), and select the size that suits you:

Choose any model from our design gallery

Subscribers to Premium Design are spoilt for choice! 

We give you access to our entire Design gallery to enable you to customise your applications...

For example, you can adapt the design of your CV to the graphic charter of the company you are applying to, adapt the type of Design that you choose to correspond to the sector of activity that you are targeting, or simply change the design to suit your mood :-)

You can have a look at our design gallery here

Colour palette

As regards the colour, Premium Design subscribers also benefit from access to the colour palette. 

To change the colour of your CV, simply click on the palette icon when you are in the design gallery:


Advanced configuration of the PDF CV

You can more precisely select the data that you want to see on the PDF version of your CV. 

To do this, go to the editor of your CV and click the Download button (or from this link).

You can then select the content to appear in your PDF (we have a full article on this subject – find it here):

Upload your own paper CV

If you have already created a nice PDF or Word CV, you can upload it to the place of the CV automatically generated by DoYouBuzz, regardless of the Premium offer you have subscribed to.

To do this, download your CV from the preview page of your PDF CV:


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