There are times where you may need to share a link so that your contact can access your resume (e.g. through email, in your email signature, text message or social networks).

You can do this by sharing your PDF resume via a link to a web address. Your contact will be able to preview and download a version of your resume:

Referencing of your PDF resume

Your PDF resume, if shared, will not be indexed by search engines. We impose this limitation for reasons of confidentiality.

However, be aware that if you used an online resume that was referenced on Google through the same address, then it is possible that the old URL is still referenced by Google. To check this, enter the url of your resume into Google. If you wish to be removed from Google, please read our article on this subject.

If you need a real resume online to ensure your visibility on the internet, we suggest that you convert your PDF resume to an online resume, as this will offer you a more suitable format and functionality.

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